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Shamanic Services

Shamanism is an ancient cross-cultural spiritual practice that has existed on every inhabited continent tracing back 40,000 + years. At the core of shamanic and animistic cultures is the understanding that Spirit resides in all things. That everything from rocks and water to plants and animals embody an essence that contains deep wisdom and connects them, and humans to the Great Web of Life. Shamanism in various forms, continues to be practiced worldwide.

From a core shamanic perspective, retaining our vital life force/ Power is essential to our well-being. Power loss may occur due to trauma (soul loss) and spiritual intrusions (misplaced energies/blocks) and is seen as the root cause of illness whether it be mental, emotional and/or physical. Soul loss can occur when someone experiences trauma; a single event or prolonged experience that is too overwhelming for their nervous system to cope with. This could be physical, sexual, mental and/or emotional abuse, a traumatic birthing experience, a car accident, divorce, surgery, the sudden death of a loved one or any event that is jarring to the Spirit of the person. In psychological terms Soul loss can be compared to dissociation- when a person is no longer fully embodied/connected to themselves and the world around them, which is a common experience for most people in Western culture. 


Shamanic healing is a collaborative process that involves the client, the practitioner and the compassionate Spirits. In my practice, I use the shamanic journey to travel between our visible reality and the realm of Spirit. Following a shamanic session the individual may feel more embodied, empowered and energized. Many people experience heightened intuition, the release of toxic emotions, awareness of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them, physical and emotional healing and a deeper sense of connection to themselves and the world around them. Though this form of shamanic healing is gentle, it is powerful and requires the person to tend to themselves with intention, compassion and presence as they move through the integration process. These shamanic ceremonies act as a catalyst for healing, but it is your personal integration journey that anchors within your being your power and gifts, bringing you back to a more embodied and expanded version of yourself. 

All ceremonies are offered in person (Victoria, BC) or online (via zoom)

Curious about how your own shamanic journeying practice can transform your life?

Join an introduction to shamanic journeying workshop

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"I had a very powerful and beautiful extraction ceremony with Heidi. She is warm, supportive, open, compassionate and intuitive. The ceremony space was warm and inviting. Heidi's healing and insights were very accurate. Thank you Heidi for a memorable experience, the deep healing and your wisdom. I look forward to seeing you again soon!" 


"Heidi has a magical, soft and gentle way of welcoming you into your ceremony and explaining the process. Her deep respect and reverence for this work, the medicine she holds for each soul she is guiding and holding space for is felt at a deep level. She is a beautiful, powerful and sacred feminine bridge to the wisdom of your Soul- a messenger of love and light assisting in the translation and awakening of your unique Soul song." 


"My shamanic healing journey was such a beautiful experience. I wasn't sure what to expect honestly but I think it is the best healing practice I have ever had. The soul retrieval and power animal retrieval were not only enlightening but exactly what I needed returned and revealed to me at the exact right time I needed them back in my life. It has been a few weeks now and I can still feel the peace that the ceremony gave me. Thank you to Heidi who made the whole journey incredible."


Please note cancellation of your ceremony requires 24 hours notice (from the time of your scheduled appointment). A $60 cancellation fee will be charged if your session is not cancelled within this timeframe. Thank You!

Please note- Shamanic Healing is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. Shamanic healing does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. 

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