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Welcome, my name is Heidi and I am grateful you have landed here. 

Growing up in the pacific northwest I was always within close proximity to the natural world. From a young age my summers were spent on our family boat exploring the magical inlets and tidal pools of the Salish Sea. This close connection to nature and specifically the ocean was significant for me in moving through the challenges of my childhood and adolescent years. The sound of lapping waves against our boat, the call of seagulls flying overhead and the warm sand beneath my feet was the healing salve for my tender heart. I am deeply grateful for the continued support, wisdom and teachings of Mother Ocean. 

My early 20's were spent working and travelling abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia. At 26 years old I returned from travelling and settled in Victoria, BC where I completed my bachelor's degree in social work at the University of Victoria. After 10 years working in a field that was not aligned with my soul, Spirit called me to fully step into my purpose work. The call to deepen into my personal healing, trust and open to my gifts as a healer was experienced through numerous nudges and synchronistic events that unfolded over many years. 

After spending over a decade and thousands of dollars trying to "fix" what was "wrong" with me, it wasn't until I became a mother that I experienced true healing. Becoming a mother brought with it the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  My most painful and powerful initiations have arisen throughout my journey of motherhood. The medicine that I offer to those that I work with and support is rooted in my many experiences of breaking (death), and then healing (rebirth) along this path. It has been through my ongoing practice of shamanic journeying and sacred womb work that I have been able to connect to my feminine wisdom, cultivate self love and truly trust in the power of surrendering. 


Along my ever unfolding path of healing, I have been guided to many incredible teachers who have helped me re-member and reclaim my unique medicine. 

Training, Programs, Workshops

-Certified Womb Healing Practitioner  Levels 1 and 2 (180 hours) - Diana Beaulieu of Sacred Woman Awakening.  

-One Year Shamanic Practitioner training in Core Shamanism - Elaine Hyde of Stars to Sea  and Daniel Leonard of The Medicine Circle who trained under Sandra Ingerman and Michael Harner (Founder of Core Shamanism).

-Shamanic Journeying For Guidance and Healing - Sandra Ingerman

-The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power - Phosphorescence Healing Arts 

-Compassionate Inquiry workshop - Gabor Mate 

-Wild Power - Red School 

-Ancestral Healing - Shauna Janz and Tamira Cousette 

-Roots to Resilience - Therapeutic Skills and Soulful Approaches to Support Others through Grief -Shauna Janz 

-Munay- Ki 13th Rite of the Womb 

-Womb Sciences Immersion - Womben Wellness 

​I continue to live in Victoria, BC surrounded by nature on the unceeded territory of the Esquimalt, Songhess, Scia'new and W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples. I honour and thank the Original Peoples of this land and the Spirits of the land that I reside on with my husband and two sons.  

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" Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe its about un-becoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place" 

~Paul Coelho

Group ceremonies/circles
 1:1 Sessions/ceremonies
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