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Circles and Ceremonies

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces" ~ Anne Voskamp

Since time immemorial, women have been gathering together in sacred circle to heal, honour and celebrate. They gathered to hold rituals in honour of the Goddess and to nurture their own feminine essence. They sat in circle to be witnessed in their tears and rage, held by their sisters as they alchemized their pain into power. 

I have come to know that many women are thirsting for true sisterhood. To gather with other women and be witnessed in the beauty and turmoil they are experiencing in the current season of their lives. Our circles are a sacred spiritual container for women to share their pain and passions without fearing rejection or judgement. To learn and grow, transform and transcend, and sometimes just to rest in the nurturing space generated by a circle of like minded women.


I have experienced profound healing and deep nourishment while sitting in circle with other women. Over the past several years I have understood on a deeper level the power of healing in community. I am offering these containers for my own healing, the healing of my fellow sisters, the healing of our children and the healing of our planet. If you feel called to, join us. Bring your laughter, passion, wisdom and yes- bring your pain and messiness as well, it is all welcome. 


"The Shamanic Journey workshop led by Heidi was phenomenal. She is a powerful leader and guide in all things shamanism and so clearly deeply embodies the wisdom she teaches. She makes learning her content so intriguing and engaging and the way she guided us into the different worlds left me feeling totally connected and inspired!"


"The workshop I did with Heidi really helped solidify the "how to" steps of shamanic journeying. It was very informative. I was able to connect powerfully with my guides and felt a deepened sense of connection to my inner wisdom. I loved feeling lighter in mind body and spirit. I look forward to joining the level 2 workshop."  


"Before being taught to shamanic journey with Heidi I was apprehensive about whether or not I would actually be able to journey. During the workshop I was amazed at how easily she could guide me through the process allowing me to have a truly genuine and powerful experience. I was blown away by the incredible connection I had with my Power Animal."


"Wow Heidi…wow. Your shamanic journeys deliver profound experiences every single time! The space you hold and energy you set creates safety and relaxation instantly. Your connection to spirit and the journeys you guide create a bridge to healing, awareness and deep personal understanding. Thank you for being you and for what you “do”. You and your work are gifts!”

Laura P.


Journey Into the Womb- Reclaim Your Sacred Power Circle 

“Heidi and Kelsey created a warm, loving and spacious container where I could journey to the depths of my most vulnerable self and feel safe to do so. It was an honour to sit in circle with such a balanced, skillful and supportive pair of facilitators.“


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