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Sacred Womb Awakening

"A woman in her true divine feminine power is the greatest untapped resource on the planet"  ~  author unknown

Womb reverence and ancient womb teachings have been traced as far back as the times of the Neanderthals. The Womb (for women) and Hara (for men) is the centre of our creativity, vitality, sensuality, wisdom and power. For women the womb is a physical and energetic space. It is also an energetic storehouse.The field of Epigenetics has proven that trauma can be held in our cellular memory and passed down from generation to generation. Sacred Womb work involves clearing memories, emotions and trauma imprints from this life and our ancestral lines that are held within the womb space. It is deep feminine work that clears and awakens ones spiritual womb to establish a clear connection to this highly intuitive and powerful portal of creation. The Womb is a space where new creative ideas are seeded, gestate and are birthed into physical form. If we want to cultivate authentic self love and manifest our creations into physical form we must begin in the Womb, where all of creation began.  In this time of great recalibration and renewal, we as women are being called to step forth and reclaim and embody our divine feminine wisdom and power. Whether your physical womb remains or not, the energetic womb space remains as fertile ground for creation. 

Sacred Womb Awakening work is for any woman who is called to: 

 Access her own inner guidance ~ Clear blocks and traumas from her body ~ Heal the energetic Womb space in preparation for conscious conception ~ Heal the Womb to attract conscious intimate relationships ~ Connect to her Womb for healing after and/or in preparation for surgery within the Womb ~ Clear and heal the Womb following a traumatic birth ~ Heal the Womb space following perinatal loss or abortion ~ Connect to the Womb for postpartum healing (mental, emotional, spiritual)

~ Clear distorted feminine energy from the Womb ~ Connect her Heart Space (Love) and Womb Space (Power) ~Release trauma imprints from the Womb ~ Disentangle from co-dependant and draining relationships ~ Restore her sacred boundaries and self respect ~Reclaim energy and power that has been given to others ~ Heal her relationships to men and the masculine ~ Heal the memories and emotions of unloving sexuality ~ Release sexual trauma and distorted masculine imprints from the Womb ~ Reset her feminine energy to attract loving, divine masculine energy ~Gain trust in her own intuitive voice ~ Heal the ancestral wounds of her Mother Line ~ Build her conscious connection to the Womb and restore her authentic Divine Feminine energy ~ Become more grounded and safe in her body ~ Cultivate deep self love and reverence for  her feminine power ~ Open herself to receiving love and abundance 

Some of the practices you will experience on your Womb healing journey 

Activating the 3 Feminine Power Centres, Healing the Womb with Light, Listening to the Womb, Clearing Anger/Fear/Shame from the Womb, Clearing Distorted Masculine Imprints from the Womb, Clearing Distorted Feminine Imprints from the Womb (Soul Retrieval), Healing the Mother Line (Ancestral healing) Clearing Co-Dependant Bonds,

Establishing Sacred Boundaries: Healing Patterns of the Over-Giving and The Saviour,  

Experiencing King Energy, Healing the Ovaries, Connecting Womb to Earth. 


Womb healing sessions are offered in person or via zoom. 

*To note, there is no physical touch in this form of womb healing. 

Some practices may take closer to 2 hours- please allow extra time 

Your first Womb Awakening session we will be doing 2 practices in one session. Please allow the full 2 hours.

Check out our circles and workshops page for upcoming group womb awakening ceremonies 

*sliding scale pricing available for womb healing sessions. Please contact me via email *


"The womb healing sessions connected me so deeply to parts of my feminine that were embedded within me. I saw the universe and was so amazed at what is within me. Her practice through guided meditation, journaling and debriefing offered so much support and love to my womb. I have never experienced anything like this before, and I highly recommend this practice as it opened up so many deep rooted revelations for me. Her space is inviting, safe and very transformative. Thank you for helping me connect to the healing present within my womb and inner feminine.After the session, I had a large burst of creativity, and leaned more into my feminine, allowing myself to receive and flow."


"Heidi is a gentle beautiful soul who made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I walked into her lovely calm space. Heidi helped me to connect with my womb and learn to take the time to listen to my inner self and allow myself the time to heal. I had a wonderful experience with Heidi"


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