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A girl in a hat on top of a hill in silence and loneliness admires a tranquil natural land

Are you listening to the whispers of your Soul? Are you ready to release all that has kept you bound and prevented you from stepping into your true brilliance? Are you interested in exploring and expanding your capacity to tune into the subtle realms for healing and wisdom? Desire, intention and aligned action is the fuel that propels and sustains you along the path to your authentic Self. It is your path. I am here to walk it alongside you. To support you in cultivating compassion and trust in yourself as your own healer. To highlight and celebrate your gifts and encourage you to share them with the world. Trust me when I say, now more than ever, the world needs your unique medicine.  

Welcome to Vital Resonance- A sacred ceremonial space for healing, expanding, honouring and celebration. There are many pathways to healing. In my experience the path back to Self is a spiral journey not a linear path. Just when I think I have "healed" a certain wound, I am looped around for another opportunity to shed more layers. In this process I am able to cultivate a deeper understanding and reverence for the wound as a portal to my inner power and potency. Shamanic and Sacred Womb medicine are ancient pathways for healing and reclamation of your sacred blueprint that is yearning to be expressed through you in this lifetime. 

"A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth."  ~ Marion Woodman. 


Womb Healing

Clearing the energetic Womb space in order to step into your Sacred Feminine Wisdom and Power

 a close up of a butterfly wing with blue and orange colors on it's wings and a black back

Shamanic Services

Experience healing on a Soul level and reclaim your Power and unique gifts

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